Actuator with Intergated Valves for Quaife QKE/QBM/QBE

  1. Direct gearbox fit 
  2. Supported gearboxes: QKE6V, QKE8J, QBE9J, QKE9D-H, QKE10J, QKE11E, QKE45Z, QBM2M, QBM6M, QBM7M, QBE46Z, QBE6U, QBE21C + others
  3. Integrated valves so no external block needed
  4. Very easy to assemble, no gearbox modification needed
  5. Powered by MME’s Hypervelocity valves (Flow 900Nl/min @ 8 bars)
  6. Very light (only weights 700 g)
  7. 1005 N push and 915 pull force @ 8 bars
  8. Full paddle shifting kit

Reference: GA-Q02

Price 780 EUR + VAT

Technical info / Manual

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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here