BMW Air Paddle Shift for H Pattern Gearboxes

BMW Air Paddle Shift for H Pattern Gearboxes

Sequential only paddle shifters are history!

MME Motorsport H-Paddle Shifter Kit contains everything you need to convert your gearbox to a paddle shifting beast on your BMW gearbox. Kits starting from 4700 EUR + VAT

Please note: 
Due to heavy demand on other projects we are currently unable to take your order for H Pattern paddle shift.

What’s the benefit of our paddle shifting system over manual shifting?

  1. You can convert your BMW H gearbox to paddle shifting which was previously only available to (expensive) sequential gearboxes
  2. No chassis modification needed. Bolts on directly to the original gearbox.
  3. It’s just faster. At least one time faster than any shifting with hand
  4. You can concentrate purely on the road
  5. You can safely shift in fast long corners (with both hands on the steering wheel)
  6. We protect your engine by not allowing the driver to over-rev the engine with incorrect downshift
  7. We reduce gear wear by performing clean, fast & reliable shifts
  8. You can up-shift with full throttle without the clutch
  1. You can down-shift without the clutch*
  2. You can pre-select any gear at full throttle on a straight line (say in 6th gear) and when you start to brake, gearbox will automatically down-shift down to your pre-selected gear at perfect engine rpm. The harder you brake, the faster it will down-shift
  3. Because you don't need the clutch, you can easily use left foot for braking to stabilize the car and gain speed over the corners
  4. You can use launch mode and as long as you're at full throttle, the gearbox will shift automatically at perfect rpm so you get perfect starts every time
  5. If you already have engine control unit capable of shifting sequential gearboxes you can let your ECU do the shifting. System will just receive the shift command and perform the shifting sequence.
* We offer optional clutch kit which means our system will also automatically press & release clutch when down and/or up shift (even on synchronized gearboxes). See kit content.

Kit content

1) Gear Control Unit (GCU)

Sophisticated control unit that uses closed-loop sensors to control any paddle shifting system.

Windows PC Software & Powerful datalogging included.

1.5m wiring available at extra 100 EUR + VAT

2) Actuators

  1. Two high-speed actuators with integrated valves 
  2. One universal actuator and valve for throttle blip
  3. Connectors, fittings & 2M wiring
  4. Optional clutch actuator assembly (+1040 EUR + VAT)
  5. Direct gearbox mount (no cables)
Gearbox actuators

3) Steering Wheel Paddles

  1. Single push style (for left and right side) or WRC style (push/pull)
  2. Magentically assisted
  3. Can be mounted on flat or non-flat steering wheel (with different plates)
  4. Optional spiral cord 1 m (extra 50 EUR + VAT)
WRC paddle
WRC paddle

4) Air Compressor Kit

Powerful constant pressurized air solution:

  1. High performance compressor
  2. Air reservoir
  3. All of the needed accessories

We offer few options to power the air supply unit, starting from the very basic. If you need the best control of the air, we also provide high quality, industrial grade pressure transducer to monitor and log the pressure.

5) Gear Indicator

  1. High brightness LED display
  2. Automatic brightness adjustment
  3. Compact housing

6) After Sale Support

We take every project very seriously. We offer full support over the email & phone, even on-site support if needed. We will do anything in our power to help for the project to be successful.
Please note: Any component can be purchased separately and you can build this system yourself.

Functional Diagram

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which gearbox is supported?
    We can convert most of the BMW gearboxes. For optimal fitment, it's best if we get the gearbox inside our workshop. This is the only way to make it a perfect fit so you will not have issues later on.
  2. Can I use this on Synchromesh gearbox?
    Yes. It is possible to use our system if you have hydraulic clutch. What we do is we supply additional actuator and hydraulic actuator that presses and releases the clutch automatically. 
  3. What is needed to install this into my car?
    - Gear lever must be replaced by the h-paddle shifter assembly. Usually the cables need to be shortened to properly fit. Cables on the actuators side need M6 male thread. We supply these cables at extra cost.
    - Air compressor and air reservoir must be mounted and connected to power and gear control unit
    - Gear control unit must be wired according to diagram. Basically you need 12V from ignition switch, ground, paddle up/down switches, clutch switch and neutral switch. If your car has a CAN BUS or you need to communicate with a CAN BUS device (like dashboard), you need extra 2 wires, CAN+ and CAN-.
    - If your gearbox is synchromesh and you purchased synchro kit, then you need to mount clutch actuator and connect it between the existing clutch line.
    - If your ECU support engine unload (ignition cut, retard, fuel cut) you need to connect signal wire from gear control unit to your ecu. If it does not, then you need to wire the ignition coil supply into the gear control unit (only if you want full throttle shifting)
    - With software installed and car running we recommend a fine tuning on a dyno to test everything in safe and controlled environment.
    It takes around 20-40 work hours to install this system in a car.
  4. How fast can this system shift?
    Realistically around 80 - 120 ms is possible on a dogbox. With synchronized gearbox (by GCU automatically pressing the clutch), you're looking at around 250 - 350 ms.
  5. What are the dimensions?
    Actuator assembly: 286 x 142 x 120 mm.
    Compressor: 220 x 100 x 170 mm.
    Air bottle (tank): 290 x 120 x 140 mm. 360 x 120 x 140 mm with all accessories included (safety switch, relay, pressure regulator)
    Complete kit weighs approx. 10 kg.
  6. What do you need from me before you can start?
    You need to measure travel of each cable for each gear. This is the most important step and must be measured very accurately.
  7. Is this system repairable?
    Yes. Most of the components can be easily replaced.
  8. Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we ship worldwide.
  9. Lead time?
    Kit will be ready to ship in 1 month.
  10. What are you payment options?
    We prefer wire transfer, however, paypal is also possible, but we have to charge extra 5.5% for the paypal fee (paypal takes this, not us).
    We also offer USD, UK and AUD based bank accounts.
    We require 1000 eur advance and the rest before shipping.
  11. How much does it really cost?
    - Base price for a kit is 4700 eur + VAT. 
    - If you have a synchromesh gearbox and you want our synchro kit, that is extra 1040 EUR + VAT. 
  12. How can I buy cheaper h-paddle shifter for my car?
    You can build your own kit, with your own components. We don't mind. We are happy to offer you only the parts you cant buy/make. 
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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here