Gear Control Unit (GCU)

Powerful gear control unit (GCU) to control any paddle shifter

In-house built unit is a very sophisticated product based on many years of development and offers state of the art solution and functions. Whether you like to do things yourself (DIY) or you just need better control of the paddle shifter components, MME Motorsport GCU is the right choice.

Reference: GCU-07

GCU price 900 EUR + VAT

Few features

  1. Can control revolutionary MME Motorsport H pattern paddle shifter. 
  2. Actuated two-way clutch (offers to automatically press clutch during shifting, different speed for up / down shift)
  3. 14 high speed valve outputs for all kind of paddle shifting systems.
  4. Partial throttle blip (auto-blip) which allows, what we call, rev-matching, for smooth downshift (adjustable separately for every gear or using auto closed-loop sensor mode)
  5. Engine protection strategies (prevents engine from over-rev when downshifting)
  6. Queued downshift (You can pre-select any gear at full throttle on a straight line (say in 6th gear) and when you start to brake, gearbox will automatically down-shift down to your pre-selected gear at perfect engine rpm. The harder you brake, the faster it will down-shift)
  1.  Launch control & automatic shifting at perfect rpm
  2. CAN BUS communication with any engine control unit or external dashboard
  3. Simulated gear position sensor output 0-5V to connect external dashboard or driving logic
  4. 5 hours of datalogging (100 Hz) with sophisticated software to analyze any sensor, cable movement etc.
  5. Upgradable firmware
  6. Repairable - this is not some chinese black box you can't repair. We are authors of this electronics and can easily repair the unit in case of any failure. You don't need to buy another one for full price.

Need custom feature? No problem, contact us for more information

Set just about anything you can possibly imagine with user friendly Windows software (included for free with the package)

More than 100 different settings available. But don't worry, we have a preconfigured packages available so you are ready in 5 minutes.

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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here