Hand Controls

Hand Controls for drivers with disability

Together with Team BRIT UK we have developed world-leading hand control technology, allowing disabled drivers to race against able-bodied competitors.

Controls introduce an electronic braking system, clutch, throttle & shifting on the steering wheel at the same time, making racing easier and safer for drivers who are unable to use their legs or hands.

From Jan 2023 hand controls are availably exclusively through Team BRIT. For pricing and more info, please contact Al Locke @ TeamBRIT directly.
This product has been proven reliable on the 25 hours of circuit racing at SPA Francorchamps

Hand Controls Advantages

  1. Designed for motorsport with only one thing in mind - faster laptimes.
  2. Fully adjustable - every driver has different needs.
  3. Simultaneous control - Holding full throttle while shifting or holding full throttle and applying a little braking in the corner.
  4. Effortless braking power - electronic brakes introduce effortless braking with the hand. 
  5. Transparently integrated system - you can use all the existing car components as usual. For example, you can still brake & press throttle with foot. Whichever component is pressed more, takes a priority.

Main Components

Steering wheel

Different versions available: 
- full setup
- brakes only
- clutch only
- brake + throttle,
- paddles behind the steering wheel,
- paddle above the steering wheel, 

Electronic brakes

  1. Pneumatically & electronically assisted, effortless braking.
  2. Brake bias assembly: front & rear pressure bias adjustable.
  3. Manual backup hand brake inline: pulling the handbrake acts as normal hand brake, braking only on rears, while pushing the hand brake away, brakes on front wheels.
  4. Completely inline - coexists with existing braking components. You can still use your foot to brake normally.

Electronic throttle

  1. Electronically assisted, effortless throttle.
  2. Requires DBW (drive by wire). If needed, almost all applications can be upgraded to DBW.
  3. Completely inline - coexists with existing throttle components. You can still use your foot.

Electronic clutch

  1. Pneumatically & hydraulically assisted, effortless clutch
  2. Available as standalone system
  3. Completely inline - coexists with existing clutch components. You can still use your foot.

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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here