MoTeC Gearbox Paddle Shift Kit (#75100)

The most cost-effective solution to convert any sequential gearbox to steering wheel paddle shifting using MoTeC M1

MoTeC M1 GPRP Paddle Shift Kit
MME Motorsport offers the best cost-effective alternative to your MoTeC M1 GPRP ECU. Kit has everything you need to run a fully pneumatic paddle shifting on your sequential gearbox.

Kit price 1880 EUR + VAT

This product has been proven reliable on the 25 hours of circuit racing at SPA Francorchamps

What’s the benefit of our paddle shifting system over manual shifting?

  1. It’s just faster. At least one time faster than any shifting with hand
  2. You can concentrate purely on the road
  3. You can safely shift in fast long corners (with both hands on the steering wheel)
  4. We protect your engine by not allowing the driver to over-rev the engine with incorrect downshift
  5. We reduce gear wear by performing clean, fast & reliable shifts
  6. You can up-shift with full throttle without the clutch (dogbox)

Kit content

1) Gearbox Actuator

  1. Two way actuator (max +25mm / -25mm) with integrated valves. Fully adjustable (washers included in the kit). Does not need valve block. 
  2. (Optional) inline throttle blip actuator for cable throttles (needs a valve block)
  3. Connectors + fittings included

2) Steering Wheel Paddles

  1. Single pull style (for left and right side) or WRC style (push/pull)
  2. Magentically assisted
  3. Can be mounted on flat or non-flat steering wheel (with different mounting plates)
  4. Optional spiral cord 1 m (extra 50 EUR + VAT)
WRC paddle
WRC paddle

3) Air Compressor Kit

Powerful constant pressurized air solution:

  1. High performance compressor
  2. Air reservoir
  3. All of the needed accessories
  4. Optional high pressure bottle (replaces air compressor kit)

Manuals / Technical Info

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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here