Fastest pneumatic valve in the World!

Being a manufacturer of high performance gearbox shifting systems, we are always looking for smaller and faster air valves in the market. Search started 15 years ago and after testing more than 20 different valves from various manufacturers, we found out the hard truth - no major valve manufacturer can offer the valves we need - small, high flow and designed for motorsport. When we say high flow, we mean HIGH FLOW!

This is the reason we decided it's time we make our own - 2 months later and with our long time experience with manufacturing pneumatic components, we have a working valve that can outperform every single valve in the world in it's size.

Measuring only 42x15x37mm it can output outstanding 900 Nl/min (0.92 Cv) - which is 4.5 times more than the closest rival in this size and can sustain vibrations and high temperatures needed in the high performance motorsport world.