Sequential Shifter

Bulletproof Sequential Shifter for SIM Racing with Lifetime warranty

Ultimate Sequential Shifter for SIM Racing with great feedback from real world Motorsport. Designed by and for heavy duty racers :)
Available immediately (online order via ONLINE QUOTE below)

399 EUR + VAT

Reference: SIM-SEQ-01


  1. Designed for ultimate feedback and feel
  2. Adjustable force
  3. CNC Machined from the aircraft grade aluminium
  4. Integrated USB cable (1.5m/60in long) - no cheap connectors that can disconnect or fall out
  5. Custom build electronics - no cheap Chinese USB modules
  6. Lifetime warranty
  7. PC Compatible 

Kit content

1) Sequential Shifter with Adjustment Key

  1. Completely CNC machined from 7075 Aluminium
  2. Very robust and built to handle dynamic forces for heavy duty racers :)
  3. Integrated USB Cable

2) Base plate

Aluminium base plate for easy mounting and 8 bolts.

3) Optional handbrake and connecting plate

Optional heavy duty aluminium plate, perfectly positioned for the handbrake. Can be used with setups with handbrake on the right or on the left.

Manuals / Technical Info

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Who we are

We are MME Motorsport, a group of engineers that have been actively involved in motorsport for some time now. Some of us, even more than 20 years.  We are manufacturer of high performance paddle shifting system ranging from Rally to F1. We like to design & build awesome stuff, because we just love it and because we can. 

All parts are designed, built, programmed and assembled in house and we take great pride in that. All parts we offer can be serviced, replaced or modified. There are no black boxes or parts that we don't have complete control over. This way we can guarantee production quality and even offer lifetime warranty for all of our sim racing products.