Gear Control Unit 8 (GCU 8)

Powerful gear control unit (GCU) to control everything from simple sequential flatshift to full paddle shift

8th Generation of our popular in-house built gear control unit. To make the unit more affordable to all range of our users, we're now introducing 3 versions:

LITE that supports fully closed-loop flatshift and drive-by-wire throttle blip
RACE with added 3D control that allows fine setup for all scenarios
PRO with sophisticated paddle shift support and 3D control

Reference: GCU-08

GCU price from 450 EUR + VAT

Few features

  1. Can control anything from simple flatshift to sophisticated paddle shift
  2. Drive By Wire Support
  3. OEM ECU Support
  4. Auto Throttle Blip for clutch-less smooth downshifts
  5. Engine protection strategies (prevents engine from over-rev when downshifting)
  1. Configurable via USB (no other interface needed)
  2. Datalogging & Software included for free
  3. Upgradable firmware
  4. Repairable - this is not some chinese black box you can't repair. We are authors of this electronics and can easily repair the unit in case of any failure. You don't need to buy another one for full price.

Need custom feature? No problem, contact us for more information

Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here