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We are offering plug & play kits for various gearboxes. If your gearbox is not listed here, you can can contact us to see if we can help or you can select universal sequential gearbox. In this case, custom bracket will have to be built.
Universal Sequential Gearbox
PPG Honda K Sequential
Drenth DG400
Drenth DG500
Drenth MPG
Bacci Romano Sequential
Samsonas UNI RWD
Porsche 997 CUP
X-Shift Mistubishi Evo 5-9
X-Shift Mitubishi Evo X
X-Shift Subaru
X-Shift Porsche 997
X-Shift Yaris GR
Beckert Sequential EVO 1
Tractive RD905/RD906
Quaife 60G
SSS/SQS Seqshift
GForce Pistol Grip Long Shifter