Over Rev Protection

Never over-rev your engine again! This device will block your gear lever at downshift if revs are too high

  1. Mechanically blocks downshift (when activated) while always allowing upshifts 
  2. High blocking force (1500 N)
  3. Light (950 g)
  4. Pull or Push lockout available
  5. Low power consumtion (50 mA when unlocked, 2 amps when locked)
  6. CAN BUS and/or direct connection
  7. Available travel +/- 25 mm

- ORP-01-PULL (Pull lock)
- ORP-01-PUSH (Push lock)
- ORP-01-MK (mounting kit)

How does it work?

When activated, this device will mechanically block the movement in down-shift direction while allowing movement in up-shift direction. 

There are 2 versions available:
- Pull lockout will block if down-shift pulls the cable (usually mounted behind the gear lever)
- Push lockout will block if down-shift pushes the rod (usually mounted in front of the gear lever)

Unit can also be mounted directly to the gearbox.

What else do I need?

If your car has CAN BUS that broadcasts Engine RPM all you need is USB CAN interface (ORP unfortunately does not have USB connection) which costs extra 80 EUR. If gear (or gear position) is not visible on can bus, you need to hook up gear voltage to the ORP gear voltage input. With free software that comes with ORP you need to configure gear ratios and maximum RPM and you're all set.

If your car does not have CAN BUS you will need:
- External device that will read the rpm and/or gear and send it to CAN BUS
- Or configure your ECU that will activate AUX output based on your conditions (rpm/gear table)
- Or use MME Motorsport GCU8 that will be able to control this + A LOT MORE. GCU8 Lite price is 450 eur and can do flatshift and throttle blip. GCU comes with USB connection so no other component is needed.
Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here