Paddle Shift For Porsche 997 Cup

  1. Bolt on solution, very easy to assemble
  2. Reverse lock actuator (optional)
  3. Throttle blip actuator (optional)
  4. Paddles, gear control unit and air compressor also available
  5. Powered by the fastest air valves in the world

- 997CUP-GA-BRACKET (gear actuator bracket)
- 997CUP-BLP-BRACKET (throttle blip bracket)
- 997CUP-REV-BRACKET (reverse lock bracket)

Price starting at 1280 EUR + VAT

Available options

- Gear Actuator with bracket to fit directly to the gearbox: 1280 EUR
- Reverse lock actuator with bracket (bracket + actuator + valve): +580 EUR
- Blip actuator (throttle body update + actuator + valve): +790 EUR
- Steering wheel paddles: +375 EUR
- Air compressor kit: +750 EUR
- Gear control unit with wiring, connection cable and software: +1030 EUR

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Please note: this product is not street legal and can only be used on closed-road.  Read the disclaimer here